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Prime Minister KOIRALA gives instructions to Europe and Israel based Nepalese Ambassadors, interacts

Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Sushil KOIRALA gave instructions to the Europe and Israel based Nepalese Ambassadors and oriented them on the priorities and policies of the Government in its conduct of foreign relations. In course of the briefing, he told the Ambassadors that the political and constitution writing process in Nepal is heading towards positive direction and expressed confidence that the Constitution drafting process will be completed by February 2015. He urged the Nepalese Ambassadors and heads of the Missions to work extra hard in promoting the country's image and interests in the European capitals. He instructed them to concentrate their efforts on attracting foreign investment and expertise in the priority sectors of the economy, especially in hydropower, tourism, infrastructure development and agriculture.  Ambassadors and heads of Nepalese Missions gathered in Brussels briefed the Prime Minister on the activities of their respective missions and reported the opportunities and challenged being faced by them in course of the conduct of their duties. The Prime Minister took note of the ideas and opinions expressed in the meeting and assured the envoys to take appropriate measures to address the problems.

Prime Minister KOIRALA also interacted with the members of Nepalese community in the BENELUX on the day of his departure to Kathmandu on 1st October. In course of interactions with the community members, including the members and officer bearers of Non-Resident Nepalese Association Nepal's (NRNA) various national chapters, the Prime Minister called each and every Nepali in a foreign country as a true 'Ambassador' of Nepal and urged them to contribute to promoting and further developing Nepal's relations with the countries of their residence, especially at people-to-people and business-to-business levels. He also mentioned the improved business climate in Nepal in the context of the signing of a few important investment related agreements with India in recent times, including the Power Trading Agreement (PTA) and few Power Development Agreements (PDA's).

He shared with the Nepalese Diaspora to come back home and grab the opportunities as there are many international investors and companies who are taking serious interest in the business and investment opportunities available in Nepal after the creation of peaceful and secure business environment following the recent historical political changes in Nepal. During his stay in Brussels from 29 September to 1st October 2014, Prime Minister KOIRALA held important meetings with the Presidents of European Council and Commissions as well as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

The Prime Minister and his delegation members including the Acting Foreign Secretary Mr. Shanker Das BAIRAGI, Political Advisor of the Prime Minister Ms. Mridula KOIRALA other MoFA officials were welcomed and seen off at the Brussels International Airport by H.E. Ambassador Mr. Ram Mani POKHAREL and other members of the diplomatic staff at the Embassy.